Christian County, Kentucky
County Attorney
Mike Foster, County Attorney
​​Mike Foster is a life long resident of Christian County, Kentucky, and a 1972 graduate of the University of Kentucky Law School.  He was admitted to the Kentucky Bar Association in 1973.  After returning to his hometown, Mike was elected Christian County Attorney and is currently in his seventh term as County Attorney.

​Mike was very involved in the re-organization and restructuring of the Kentucky County Attorney’s Association and recently completed a two-year term as State President of that Association.  He continues to serve on the Board of Directors and has been very instrumental in the development of legislation in support of the County Attorneys of this state as well as county government in general.  He is also serving as a member of the Prosecutors Advisory Council which administers the budget and staffing of the Commonwealth and County Attorneys of Kentucky.

​Mike has served on various state wide organizations, including the Kentucky Association of Counties Board of Directors    He is considered one of the leading authorities on local government in Kentucky, and is a frequent speaker to various associations dealing with local government both in Kentucky and nationally.

​The office of county attorney was first made a constitutional office under the Kentucky Constitution of 1850.  The present Constitution requires the election of a county attorney in each county for a term of four years.  Legislation in 1976 modified the office of county attorney under the direction of the Attorney General, classifying his duties as follows:  the prosecutorial function (a special prosecutor of the Commonwealth); civil advising to county government, and miscellaneous duties for the state and county.

County attorneys serve as legal counsel for county government.  Their general duties in this capacity are to attend the fiscal court meetings and conduct all business of that body touching the rights or interests of the county.  When the fiscal court so directs, the county attorney must conduct civil actions in which the county is a party before any of the courts of the Commonwealth.

The county attorney is also obliged to give legal advice to the fiscal court and county officers in all matters concerning county business.  In addition to his services for general county government and its officers, the county attorney also acts as legal representative to many county boards, commissions and special districts.
​​​J. Michael Foster   
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