Occupational License

Occupational and Beer/Liquor License can be mailed in or dropped off in our drop-off boxes located at the front and back doors of our building.  To drop off in person go to Room 15 on the main floor of the Courthouse.

Christian County Occupational License

Christian County Government requires certain businesses within the county to have an occupational license.  If any business does or has the following they will need to purchase an occupational/beer/liquor license from our office.
  • Restaurant (any establishment serving food, this includes soft drinks and ice cream)
  • Any establishment that serves soft drinks only
  • Any establishment that serves ice cream only
  • Any establishment that serves soft drinks and ice cream
  • Any establishment that sells tobacco products
  • Any establishment that has pool tables
  • Bowling Alley
  • Any establishment that serves beer
  • Any establishment that service liquor

Occupational License

Every restaurant serving meals, every retail outlet serving soft drinks or ice cream; every business utilizing billiard tables, pool tables, or a bowling alley; and every business where tobacco products are sold at retail; located anywhere in Christian County, KY, are required by law to obtain a license from the Office of the Christian County Clerk on an annual basis.
  1. Each business operating in one or more of the above categories are required to obtain such license(s) by July 1st of each calendar year.  There is a 20% penalty on the applicable fee if not paid by August 1st of each year.
  2. The license fee is applicable to every business that sells the products or services described in paragraph 1 above, located anywhere within the geographical boundaries of Christian County, Kentucky.  For the purpose of clarification, the fees also apply to any such business located within an incorporated city in Christian County, Kentucky.  Obtaining a city privilege license does not relieve the business of its legal obligation to obtain the county license described above.
  3. The license fee is also applicable to most vending machines located anywhere within Christian County.  A vending machine, which dispenses a soft drink or tobacco product, or food, is selling said product at retail and is subject to the license fee.

Alcoholic Beverage License Fee

There is also a county license fee for each business which sells distilled spirits and wine at retail by the drink, distilled spirits and wine at retail by the package, and a retail malt beverage license.  This is an annual fee with each yearly license expiring on June 30th of each year.  Such businesses are required to obtain the license(s) at the County Clerk's Office according to the fee scheduled attached hereto.  The only businesses that DO NOT require a alcohol and/or beer license are those that are located inside any incorporated city limit and they pay a business license fee to that city office.
Please click the links below to download your applications for Occupational License and Liquor/Beer License.
We encourage you to mail in your occupational/beer/liquor license application along with a check or money order made payable to Christian County Clerk, due to the COVID-19 pandemic since we are only allowed a certain number of people in our office.  Please mail to the following address:

Christian County Clerk's Office
c/o Occupational License
511 S. Main St.
Hopkinsville, KY  42240

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (270) 887-4107